Saturday, September 17, 2011

[PSX] Naruto: Shinobi no Sato no Jintori Kassen

Publisher: Bandai
Developer: Dimps Corporation
Genre: Board Game
Release: June 26, 2003

Board game with Naruto characters? It is possible since 2003 when the game released for PSX console. Unfortunately, it is not a fighting game, but you can still have a look on your favorite character's moves and special technique.

The game took the first arc of the story, which is Zabuza arc. You can play up to 4 players in one board map. Your mission is to make an area within the map as many as possible. The more area you have, the more points you get everytime you reach starting point. Like usual, whenever you has finished one lap, you will be granted point. It can be used for strengthening your area so it deals more damage and harder to destroy. Unlike monopoly, here you can fight with others to steal their area. However, if you lose the fight, you will be dealt greater damage than you supposed to. If you, by any chance got bad luck and losing all your point, that will be over, since you can't do anything without points and just pray that you can finished one lap for recovery point. You can also used special technique to attack opponent areas or to defend yours. The one who reached certain amount required will win the game.

You can't find many characters here since it's only up to Zabuza arc, but there are still some hidden character that you can unlock trough playing. The game itself consist of many type, such as battle royal, tag team, or even handicap battle. Quite fun to play altogether, and you can boast out with your favorite character. Oh, and finishing the story mode will give you a nice hidden character, which is the Third Hokage! He has a set of unique technique, both in attack and defense. That made him a formidable opponent, but also a very useful character when it comes in hand.

Friday, September 16, 2011

[PSX] Tokimeki Memorial 2

Publisher: Konami
Developer: KCET
Genre: Dating Simulation
Release: November 25, 1999

How does it feels like to be surrounded by a lot of girls? Forget harem animes, you can start by playing this game. The first game ever to promote dating simulation type, tokimeki memorial became hits in Japan immediately. Now, with the sequel, Konami brought the legend back to PSX, which sadly, also the last series for the console.

At the beginning, you will be given a choice to play from childhood. I don't think this section is important, but it's indeed necessary for perfect gamers. I'll mention them later. Next, you will play as a high school student at Hibikino High School. You will meet with a lot of girls, 12 main heroine added with 3 extra hidden girl, and get close to them to get their ending. The games focuses on choosing what to do for one week, such as studying, sports, club activity, socializing, or just rest, in order to build your stat. And you will keep doing this for 3 years. On Saturday and sunday, you will be given extra option to arrange a date, or just phone a girl to increase your relaitonship. Pay attention that the girls may get closer to you depending on your stat. For example, a calm and smart girl wouldn't want to walk with a brainless guy, moreover one who got red mark on exams. Or you have to build your body to get close to sports club manager or a dynamic girl. And yes, just as the Japanese school must be, you can join one of the club available, and the good part is, some of the girl also participate in the club, and can only seduced through club activity.

Enough with the spoiler. You can just find out more interesting feature from the game that makes you feel a lot like a Japanese high schooler. The game also include extra, consisting of mini games and picture. You can play several mini game further, and the mini games you unlocked is stored in extra mode, so you can play again anytime. Picture is special CG obtained by unlocking certain event with the girls. And like I said before, perfect gamers who go trough all the trouble to collect them all must play childhood section from the game, because this is the only opportunity to unlock some of the girl's childhood picture.

To make it more interesting, Konami also provide a special feature, called EVS. Stands for Emotional Voice System, EVS allows the girl to call the name you inserted throughout the game depending on their emotion. With this, any girl you pick can call your name in a cute tone or even shout at you when they angry. The EVS Appendix Disc was sold in a separate package, but I will put them here for your own use.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

[PS2] Ougon Kishi Garo

Publisher: Bandai
Developer: Bitstep
Genre: Action, 3D Fighting
Release: April 20, 2006

Ougon Kishi Garo, or Golden Knight Garo, is a fighting game adapted from tokusatsu series from Japan. You will play as Saejima Kouga, a strongest makai kishi with golden armor, who fight demons in order to find the murderer of his father.

The fight is nothing special. I have played one piece grand adventure before, so the fight is quite similar. Once you hit a combo, you can't change direction, which means an easy prey if the enemies dodged. The best feature in this game is the henshin mode. After executing several combo and fill the henshin gauge, you can change into Golden Knight Garo. Once you wear the armor,you are given 999 second until the armor wear off. I'm not sure yet, but it seems if you become Garo, you can't die. I've taken a lot of hit on my trial, but never die. The time move a lot faster, instead. The heroes, other makai kishi, is only 3, and the rest playable character is demons, so I don't think the line-up charas is better compared to similar games.

In summary, another good game for killing time. And if you like the action scene from the movie, you may like to play this game, though.

[PS2] .hack//Fragment

Publisher: Bandai
Developer: CyberConnect2
Genre: Action RPG, Online-RPG
Release: November 23, 2005

The lost series of dot hack on PS2 that perhaps not known throughout US and Europe. This is originally developed due to the massive request from fans of dot hackers to actualize The World.

Note that this is not an MMORPG, but more to Online-RPG instead. It means there are several lmitations applied compared to the real MMO-RPG. The game only works in Japan, and ended at January 18, 2007. I also never played the game, but I got several references from video online and also recommendation from my friend in Japan.

Just like other online rpg, you can create your player, decide the name, gender, and job. You can also customized your character's appearances, so you won't be mistaken as someone else. After begin playing, you can join in a Guild, hunt together, and searching for legendary treasures. I didn't get any information about PvP, so I can't tell much about it.

Well, its true that the server has been cut off since 2007, and I have yet to try playing the game, so I don't know what will it be when you try to play it now, but if you curios, why don't give it some time? i will post the link for the ISO soon.